What are touch gloves? Ever tried to dial a number on your iPhone while wearing regular gloves?

Touch Gloves For iPhone

Touch Gloves for iPhone

Do you love to play with your iPhone, iPad or iPod, but the cold weather and your mitten-clad fingers make its thouchscreen useless? For hands that will stay warm and touchscreen ready you just need a pair of those smart touch gloves!

Until recently, winter gloves that would allow you to operate a touch screen smartphone or any other mobile device with a capacitive touchscreen have been unavailable to buy. Now, the cellphone friendly texting gloves (also often called iPhone gloves or touch screen gloves) with the sensible touch pads on the thumb and index are offered by many garment and accessories brands which makes frozen hands a thing of the past. Having a such  mitten in those cold times makes significantly more comfortable many things we usually do with handheld telephones and other mobile devices: number dialing, texting, playing mobile games, watching videos on a tablet, checking location with a GPS device or using online maps.

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How a touch glove works

What makes a touch glove work is the gel pads on the thumb and index fingers. That allows you to use the touchscreen of an iPhone or any other mobile phone or handheld device in the winter cold.

From driving leather gloves to regular, made from wool, spandex, polyester or polyacrylic this garment will look and feel like any other glove you usually buy in a department store.

Where to buy gloves for touch pads online


Agloves touchscreen texting gloves:

isotoner womens texting gloves

  • Warm washable unisex gloves compatible with iPhone and any other touch screen phones and devices
  • All ten finger touch compatible functionality thanks to the finger gel pads
  • Available in three unisex sizes in a speckled black color
  • Made in the USA of 29% nylon, 60% polyester, 3% spandex, 1% acrylic and 7% special touch capacitive material




Freehands® Womens Micro Fur Gloves for IPhones and Cell Phones - Free Shipping!

iPhone gloves for women - freehands


  • Soft and stylish Micro Fur touchngloves
  • Two-layer fabric which is velour on the outside and faux fur on the inside
  • Full digital palm grip with extended cuff for more warmth
  • Size: Womens - Small, Med, Large Color: Black/Black, Black/Pink, and Beige/Brown
  • Color: Black/Black, Black/Pink, and Beige/Brown




Where to buy touchgloves if you're not located in the U.S. or Canada?

Are you in Europe? Then, the best way to get a pair of iGloves is to find an online store in your country that have them for sale. So, what's this all about in other languages: vantarför pekskärmar (SE), Handschuhe für Touchscreens(DE), gants tactiles (FR), handschoenen voor touchscreens (NL), перчатки для айфона (RU), 手机手套 (CN), 電話手袋 (JP). Simply go to local search engines and use an appropriate search term.

Unable to buy? DIY - Do it yourself!

Are you absolutely unable to buy iPhone friendly gloves or other related touch screen compatible garment from an online store in your country? Find out how to make a glove work with a touchscreen yourself. Follow our step-by-step DIY how-to instructions!

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